If you would like to move better, feel better and get in great shape, come see us at Boston Street Fitness!  BSF is a private personal training studio located on Boston Street in Queen Anne.  We offer one hour individual personal training sessions.  Wanna work out with a friend?  We also offer one hour partner training sessions.  BSF provides unsurpassed functional fitness training in a private environment where you can have fun and feel comfortable while reaching your fitness goals! 

Michael Fell


Michael Fell began his fitness career in Boston, MA after graduating with a BA in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Boston.   He has been certified with the American Council of Exercise (ACE) and specializes in the development and execution of fitness and rehabilitation programming.  

With previous experience working in a physical therapy setting, Mike has had the chance to create and apply medically based fitness programs for people of all levels of health.  Mike has worked with everyone from professional athletes to people recovering from serious injury.  This experience afforded him the opportunity to help people feel, move, and look better.  Helping people recover from both major and minor injury, as well as everyday aches and pains, has helped Mike to understand the importance of injury prevention and safety while being active.  Over the years Mike has had great success with his clients and has seen incredible transformations.  This has inspired a great passion for his work and a dedication to help clients reach their fitness goals and improve the quality of their life!

Tom Fillingim



Tom Fillingim graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Kinesiology. He has been certified through the American College of Sports Medicine and as a First Aid/CPR instructor the American Red Cross.

Tom's intensive studies in physical wellness included experience in both pre and post operative environments, work with patients before and after rehabilitative surgery, and training in reducing and stabilizing the effects of chronic conditions. After completing his Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, he found that he loved working with people in a rehab environment as much as working with healthy individuals to develop a high level of overall fitness. After seeing the incredible benefits that individual training offers--from better physical health, to better sleeping habits and greater mental alertness--Tom dedicated the last three decades of his life to helping people rediscover their love of movement and their commitment to their overall fitness.

This is the third personal training studio that Tom has opened in Seattle in the past 27 years. In addition, Tom has coached high school golf and tennis and works with individuals wishing to improve their game in these and other sports.

Tom's current clients range in age from students in highschool to individuals in their nineties. Whether coaching in a team setting, training individual athletes or first time participants in exercise, working with and educating the client in their understanding of the benefits of exercise has been a career goal of his.